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Trilogy Products is focused on designing and building high-quality transit components with reliable performance specializing in power systems, battery chargers and battery management, data loggers and LED signs.  The Pittsburgh-based company also provides custom solutions where obsolescence is a concern and works with clients to design industrial components to meet their unique needs.


Trilogy has supplied products for an impressive range of international transit projects, including:


Custom Solutions:

  • BART Program Stop and ID Transmit system

  • Miami Program Stopping System

  • LA Program Stopping System


Power Supplies:

  • LA Metro 12V, 600W power supplies

  • BART: Bay Area Rapid Transit 28V, 1400W power supplies

  • BART: Bay Area Rapid Transit 28V, 84W power supplies

  • WMATA: Washington Metro 28V, 1400W and 28V, 84W power supplies

  • Contine 28V, 84W power supplies

  • Boston: MBTA, 12V, 600W power supplies

  • Washington-Dulles Phase 2: 28V, 1400W power supplies


LED Signs:

  • LA Metro Amber LED Station Signs

  • Miami RGB Color LED Station Signs

  • Sprinter Red LED Station Signs

  • MARTA: Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority Signs


Event Recorders:

  • Sprinter I/O Module

  • LA Metro Data Loggers

  • General Electric Data Loggers

  • Ansaldo Data Loggers

  • Canadian Pacific Data Loggers

  • DART Light Rail

  • Phoenix Light Rail

  • Norfolk HRT Light Rail

  • Denver Light Rail


Battery Chargers & Systems:

  • Canadian Pacific 12V, 40A Battery Charger with Battery Management System

  • Norfolk 12V, 60A Battery Charger

  • Oakmont 12V, 60A Battery Charger

Transit engineering services and equipmen Trilogy Rail
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